My mission is to enrich the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of my students. I partner with them to develop a personalized, enjoyable, sustainable meditation and yoga practice.



Yoga and meditation create the framework for a deeply satisfying life.

You can get all the physical and mental benefits by approaching the practices in a playful way and developing your own yoga flow and meditation style based on your unique goals.

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2002 and meditation since 2005, and am so excited to facilitate thoughtful, highly personalized private yoga and meditation sessions for clients of all levels. I also teach group classes, workshops, and mini certification courses all over the world.

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"Michele is a spectacular meditation teacher. She overflows with excitement to share her inspirations of the day."

- Debra Reich

"Michelle possesses the ability to instruct and enlighten at the same time. I carry the physical, the mental and the spiritual growth from each class throughout the day and the week. ."

- Danielle

"As my body released on a deeper level into the pose, my outlook became clearer, less anxious, and more serene."

- Victoria Tricoche

"When I started studying with Michelle, I was able to make huge strides in poses and positions that had me stuck before."

- John

"What's most enlightening about Michele's classes is there is no one way to meditate, no singular philosophy or technique. There are many."

- Lynda Siev Leslie

"Yoga is now my “me time” as a new and working mother to restore and to reconnect with my mind and body. Michele gave me the confidence to try new poses that I was not able to do in the past."

- Jeannie

"I feel really great after our practice yesterday. I so enjoy working with you. You have so much to offer. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and insight. Your intentions make every practice so valuable."

- Annelise

"Thank you for a wonderful session on Friday! I feel better than I have in weeks! You always have the magic that cures!!"

- Margaret

"Michele is a very gifted, supportive and caring yoga instructor. I feel fortunate to have Michele as my teacher."

- Joy

"The comments of the class and your insight really helped to change my whole outlook. I am so grateful."

- Erica

"Michele helps you to find the confidence in yourself by gently encouraging you to listen to your body, and be kind to yourself."

- Susan Isgro Sheehan

"I wish that I could have bottled the feeling I had as I walked out of the door of the yoga studio that day and gift it to everyone I knew. Truly amazing!!"

- Maggie

"I did have some soreness after the Yin workshop, but the next day I felt lighter and as if I could conquer anything."

- Ellen

"This Chair yoga session has changed my life."

- Frank, an MS patient

"You touched my heart, the Chair yoga made me feel so good."

- Harry

"Michele is a gifted teacher who clearly loves yoga, and she especially loves teaching at any and every level."

- Diane F

"Every time I leave her class, I feel I've been changed in some deep way and have taken a beautiful journey."

- Suzanne