After years of practicing and studying meditation, I’ve developed a program for learning it based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. This system will help you develop your own routine, or deepen your existing practice.

Meditation practice has many medical and emotional benefits.  We know it’s helpful for the reduction of stress, anxiety, hypertension and insomnia.  It also has the potential to raise your happiness set point, modulate your emotional response and bolster feelings of love and connection to oneself and others.

Through meditation, you get to know yourself on a deeper level by watching the workings of your own mind.

I offer personalized, virtual meditation coaching geared toward helping you develop an at home practice that you feel comfortable with.  We will begin with a technique called Shamatha Meditation- Shamatha is the practice of calm and abiding,   These are the foundational qualities we will begin to cultivate as we sit together.

As you become more confident in yourself and in your practice you will begin to see how a meditation practice can be a  key component in your self care.  Having a meditation practice allows you to navigate all facets of your life in a more mindful way.

The method itself is easy, but developing a consistent practice can be difficult.
My objective is to offer support and personalized guidance along the way.

Here’s exactly how custom, virtual video meditation sessions work:

  1. We meet virtually, over Zoom software (similar to Skype), for a complimentary intro session to see if and how I can support you to create and/or deepen your meditation practice.
  2. If we decide to work together, we meet online 2-4 times per month and work together to develop and implement a custom practice for you.

The benefits of custom meditation sessions are limitless.

You can expect to…

  • Learn creative ways to develop and stick to your practice
  • Find the meditation posture that’s best for your body
  • Boost immunity
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve concentration
  • Optimize work performance
  • Feel calm and energized
  • Get custom study recommendations

…and the list goes on!

Your program includes…

  • Between two and four 50-minute monthly virtual sessions with me over Zoom video conference software
  • Custom meditation practice designed for you, that you’ll have for life
  • Email support for questions and comments


Ready to get started with your custom program? Get in touch with me today by clicking here.


“In the beginning, yoga for me was all about the asanas. The physical practice. After several years though, as Michele began to open our yoga class with dharma talks and short meditations, I found that it became an integral part of class and was equally satisfying.

Meditation complemented and completed the yogic experience. When Michele began to offer guided meditation sessions independent of yoga class, I was happy to have the opportunity to more fully explore meditation and its benefits.

What’s most enlightening about Michele’s classes is there is no one way to meditate, no singular philosophy or technique. There are many.

We teleconferenced a weekly session, and each time she would guide me through a new set of meditation tools to work with on my own until our next meeting.

There’s no denying that meditation is great preventive medicine. It nourishes my spirit  and over a short time I’ve noticed a subtle sense of empowerment over my daily life.” – Lynda Siev Leslie