Kind Words from Kind People

"Michele is a spectacular meditation teacher. She overflows with excitement to share her inspirations of the day.

She listens intently to each person's experiences in a very human way.

Michele's mix of self-care and science gives her the ability to help people to move through challenges in a lasting way.

She has helped me to realize the stories I tell myself are not real.

You are given a range of tools to first break down and then expand your meditation experience that move with you and enrich every aspect of your life.

You are a gift to us all Michele. Namaste."

- Debra Reich

"Rarely does a student get to join a teacher’s journey, especially when it’s an ongoing one.

For over 10 years I have been fortunate to be part of Michele’s journey as a human being, as a yogi, and as a teacher.

I am privileged to join her weekly classes in dissecting the yoga sutras, the asasnas, pranayama, the yamas and niyamas and to be exposed to deeper styles such as Yin and Iyengar yoga with its various therapeutic benefits.

Michelle possesses the ability to instruct and enlighten at the same time and as she explores the themes she unveils and clarifies the obstacles so they become clear and simple.

I carry the physical, the mental and the spiritual growth from each class throughout the day and the week.

The continuous contemplation which occurs every time with a word, a quote or a thought that resonates, enrich my practice and my life every day, every year.

I feel blessed to have Michelle in my life and become a better human being, yogi and teacher
because of her.

Thank you Michelle for the
light you shine upon us."

- Danielle

"Thank you so much for your amazing workshop yesterday!

That was my first experience with yin yoga specifically and it was intense in the most positive way!

You're absolutely right, sitting in a pose allows for not only a shift in the physical structure of our bodies but also our minds.

While within poses I'd feel an unbearable sense of tightness, which sparked panic, anxiety, and fear.

As my body released on a deeper level into the pose, my outlook became clearer, less anxious, and more serene.

Coming out of the poses and just sitting for a sec became my favorite part. Not because I wanted out of the pose (although sometimes that was the case), but the lightness of being thereafter was something I don't think I've ever experienced."

- Victoria Tricoche

"I love yoga, but I am NOT your average yogi.

I found my way to yoga by different means than most, but finding my passion in my practice was the most important thing to me.

I was able to find that passion through the teachers I have been lucky enough to study with, people whose real love of yoga led me to find myself and my own love of my practice.

Michelle is one of those teachers.

Her love of yoga is evident in the moment you come into her class. She leaves you with no doubt that the experience of her class will be unique, from the energy she exudes, to the beauty of her practice, to her down-to-earth approach in putting her touch to each pose she teaches.

When I started studying with Michelle, I was able to make huge strides in poses and positions that had me stuck before.

I was able to move forward in my practice, but also to see the value of Yoga in my everyday life, as a way to deal with the stresses of my life style, and as a door to go through on my way to being a more complete husband, father, and human being.

I know much of my peace with my practice comes from studying with people like Michelle, and I am eternally grateful."

- John

"In the beginning, yoga for me was all about the asanas. The physical practice. After several years though, as Michele began to open our yoga class with dharma talks and short meditations, I found that it became an integral part of class and was equally satisfying.

Meditation complemented and completed the yogic experience.

When Michele began to offer guided meditation sessions independent of yoga class, I was happy to have the opportunity to more fully explore meditation and its benefits.

What's most enlightening about Michele's classes is there is no one way to meditate, no singular philosophy or technique. There are many.

We teleconferenced a weekly session, and each time she would guide me through a new set of meditation tools to work with on my own until our next meeting.

There's no denying that meditation is great preventive medicine. It nourishes my spirit and over a short time I've noticed a subtle sense of empowerment over my daily life."

- Lynda Siev Leslie

"As a new mother I wanted to feel fit and healthy. That was when I decided to practice yoga under Michele. Michele gave me the confidence to try new poses that I was not able to do in the past. With each session I feel stronger mentally and physically.

Yoga is now my “me time” as a new and working mother to restore and to reconnect with my mind and body. I am so thankful with every session that I have with Michele."

- Jeannie

"I feel really great after our practice yesterday. I so enjoy working with you. You have so much to offer. Each practice session allows me to enjoy the seeds that yoga has to offer. I feel that I'm on a life long journey, that which I never realized would have such an effect on me. The pearls of your wisdom are priceless. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and insight. Your intentions make every practice so valuable."

- Annelise

"Thank you for a wonderful session on Friday! I feel better than I have in weeks! You always have the magic that cures!! The time that we spend at the beginning of our sessions to catch up and sort out "real life" issues are as much a part of the "healing" of the practice as the poses themselves. Thank you for those moments."

- Margaret

"Michele is a wonderful yoga instructor. I have been her student for years. She has been amazing in guiding me in my yoga practice throughout my pregnancy, showing me movements and positions which are both safe and beneficial for my pregnancy. Michele is a very gifted, supportive and caring yoga instructor. I feel fortunate to have Michele as my teacher."

- Joy

"Thank you so much for a wonderful class this morning. I have not been to one of your classes in over a year, so it was wonderful to see you and spend time together practicing. I don't usually practice in the morning, so I was very excited that this morning all my children were in school and I could make it to Ramsey by 9:15.

I am really tight in the morning, but your talk in the beginning of class was inspiring, loving, supportive, and full of wisdom. Opening my mind and my heart put me in the right place to open my body and stretch into the day. I enjoyed thinking about this great opportunity we have to "constantly reinvent ourselves". I have been reinventing myself my whole life, but sometimes I wonder why I can't just be satisfied, content, or "done" figuring myself out. I have compared myself with the generations of women before me who were mothers and wives and never seemed to want anything more from life. The comments of the class and your insight really helped to change my whole outlook. I am so grateful."

- Erica

"I have been a yoga student of Michele Sapanaro for the past 5 years! Michele is amazing to her students in the beautiful energy and warmth she shares in each class she teaches. Michele helps you to find the confidence in yourself by gently encouraging you to listen to your body, and be kind to yourself. Michele has incredible insight into her students, and perceives the energy of each student individually with what they need. Her classes are challenging, always with the reminder to listen to your body. I absolutely love Michele, and hug her before or after each class!

Michele has taught me to bring yoga into my daily life. Meditate quietly a few minutes each day, and accept all who you are, and have become. I am so grateful to have been a student of Michele's these last 5 years."

- Susan Isgro Sheehan

"I had no idea what a Yin practice was all about. It was so different than my usual fast, flowing vinyasa practice. At first, I wasn’t sure I liked it…but just like anything else you encounter in the real world, once you stop fighting and just BE it was really just what I needed at that particular moment in time. I wish that I could have bottled the feeling I had as I walked out of the door of the yoga studio that day and gift it to everyone I knew. Truly amazing!!"

- Maggie

"I did have some soreness after the Yin workshop, but the next day I felt lighter and as if I could conquer anything. I have been in a really good frame of mind and have felt very strong and balanced."

- Ellen

"This Chair yoga session has changed my life."

- Frank, an MS patient

"You touched my heart, the Chair yoga made me feel so good."

- Harry

"As a newcomer to yoga, and somewhat beyond the age when my body will always do what my mind intends, I was a bit skittish about joining Michele’s Yoga class. By the end of the first hour, I knew this was the right place, the right class, and the right teacher for me.

Michele is a gifted teacher who clearly loves yoga, and she especially loves teaching at any and every level. She has an intuitive understanding of her students’ needs and how best to reach them, and she is a warm and generous communicator with a gentle sense of humor.

After several years of classes, I now feel much surer of my balance, in every respect. I feel physically stronger and more flexible; I am able to focus and concentrate, and my sense of self and being at peace with myself have developed in ways that I could not have imagined before.

I am very grateful to have found Yoga and Michele."

- Diane F

"I have been taking yoga classes with Michele Sapanaro for about 8 years, including her Vinyasa Level II classes, Yin workshops, and meditation/yoga retreats.

I hesitate to call what Michele does simply 'a yoga class' because it is so much more. She touches me and all of her students in such a deep way, providing the teachings of a master, the wisdom of a sage, and the humor, support, and love of a person who is ever-present and real.

Michele is obviously always learning and exploring within her own yoga/mediation/therapeutic practices and brings those insights to us.

She sees where there is a need and gently guides her students in that direction.

She is funny and encouraging, genuine and inspired.

Every time I leave her class, I feel I've been changed in some deep way and have taken a beautiful journey."

- Suzanne